16. December 2o1o °° Oh yeah ;)

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Hey there my dearest readers!
As usually those people who should somehow take care of education decided that our education system isn't bad enough so they've been wondering how to make it worse.... and here we are... they made a change... so now there aren't 2 marks reports - 1 for each half year, but only 1..... so what does that mean for us? that we have to study whole year not only the second half year :/ 
moving on to another school related thing... apparently our school decided to be a part of some project... and the thing about that project is that they will send us some tests... we'll do them and then they'll do some statics and compare us to others.... you may ask what is bad about test you have to do tests in school at any rate... yeah sure but when writing tests we know when it gonna be and what we have to study for it... 
moving to some pleasant thing.... i'm in love.... his name is Mike Tompkins... he's from Canada.. he can sing.. he can beatbox... he can cook.... he can bake!!! and he's so cute :) and I just totally love him... and if you really love me you'll get me him for Christmas....that's all i want for Christmas :)

Rihanna - Only Girl - A Capella Cover

see you later aligator
sue :)

Design 1.o //Kaya Scodelario

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Name: Kaya Scodelario
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Note: Change, huh? :)

15. December 2o1o °° I'm yours now

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Oh hey!
I found this great song and I just had to share it with you :)

The xx - Islands
Sue :)

Art o.4

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Art o.3 °°Tic Tac Faces°°

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Art o.2

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Art o.1

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